Osama Hassin
Osama Amhammeed Altaher Hassin


Tight development planning to keep pace with the accelerated scientific and technological development and progress, and attention to human capital to raise the levels of excellence in the academic environment.


The Libyan Academy is a leading institution in graduate studies that applies the components of the quality of higher education and scientific research to create a stimulating environment to ensure quality outputs.The planning and Development Department is working on preparing a strategic plan to keep pace with the development and scientific progress to achieve excellence in the implementation of academic programs with a comprehensive and contemporary professionalism and the highest quality levels. And working to raise the levels of career staff through training, rehabilitation and raising competencies.


  1. Making positive changes by developing a sound strategic plan that focuses on Sustainable Development and works to raise the level of institutional work at the Academy.
  2. Achieve internal control through follow-up to the strategic plan applications.
  3. Working to gain new and modern knowledge, influence trends and modify their ideas to develop habits and methods to achieve success and excellence.
  4. Provide more opportunities for employees to develop their abilities and hone their skills and to realize the close and strong relationship between application and theory in the field of career work and raise the level of awareness to accept the development process and readiness for.